Wood Bodies Custom Carpentry

Wood structures to live in, on, and around

I'll help you make your place more beautiful, more homey, and better organized, using small places efficiently, big places elegantly.

We'll develop pieces just for you, through friendly conversation.

I have a lifetime of experience with wood; decades of study of Space, Place and Home, art, engineering, and feng shui.

I'm based in San Pablo, above Berkeley in the SF East Bay. Call me to discuss a project and arrange for a site visit.

Let's have fun building something you really want!


live in the full height and volume of a room

bookcases, closets, & room dividers

organize a library, varied possessions, or a whole room

beds & headboards

rest, dream, and love in peace and comfort

window seats & benches

relax with your body cozy inside, your mind sailing outside

carts, desks & tables

set up video, audio, computer, or cooking equipment

arches & trellises

span space with greenery or other decoration

shrines & altars

move through a doorway into "a world beyond"


let's build your invention

Marty Kent
(510) 848 1985
San Pablo, Ca.

"The primary benefit of the house is that it shelters daydreaming."
-- Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

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