Wood Bodies Custom Carpentry

Carts, Desks and Tables

Rolling television cart with space for DVD/VHS player, and two rows of video storage (sliding shelves behind the fixed spaces in front).

This rolling music cart is set up to hold standard 19" rack-mount modules. A mixer sits on top, while the bottom has space for an amp and a storage area. Guitar hangers on the left and right also double as cable holders.

This trapezoidal kitchen cabinet fits in the space between a stove and a staircase. It's made entirely from construction scrap (even the countertop is scrap formica, and the drawer handle is laminated scrap molding). Above the cabinet are two triangular shelves that also fit in the corner of the wall and the staircase.

Built-in desk/work surface for an attorney's home office. The curved edge of the plywood top is bound with steam-bent molding.

Bathroom sink with redwood support, and laminated redwood and pine facing. The lower shelf slides out for access to the plumbing.

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